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By sharing it in the comments section below you’ll help out some other seniors.There are so many reasons why living a healthier lifestyle is beneficial that it’s hard to count.There are those of us who want to “keep in shape“, those of us who want to look better, and people who want to train their bodies to perform at their best.Each have their benefits, but for those of you who are really pushing your bodies to that next level each and every time you train, I think there’s another benefit worth mentioning.

You may have been an athlete in the past – or still are – or you just like training in a way that improves all three aspects of your fitness. I have alway been motivated by performance goals, as well as health and looks, so even though I’m no longer competing, I still find it beneficial to use performance as a motivator. There’s also a benefit that sets this group apart from the rest, and without trying to give them a heightened importance, or without making them sound like superheroes or something along those lines, this group is prepared in case of an emergency.I mentioned it earlier, but if you’re training and eating to be healthier, then the list of benefits are too long to mention.A potentially longer, more energetic and happier life.It opens the door for us to experience so much more, that we otherwise wouldn’t experience.It could mean approaching a beautiful girl who later becomes your wife – if you weren’t a confidence person, you may have never met her, or allowed her to see who you really from having a body you’re comfortable in, but it sure helps.

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