Luminescence dating laboratory

For single-grain analysis, individual grains are deposited in holes drilled into custom-made discs and a focussed laser beam is shone into each hole (photos: Risø National Laboratory and Bert Roberts).

Thank you for visting the Utah State University Luminescence Laboratory homepage! We currently have two RISO TL/OSL Readers and one with a single-grain attachment.

New advances in OSL methods may push this limit towards ½ million years in the near future. The luminescence dating laboratory at Wits is the only one of its kind in southern Africa.All rooms are fitted with safelights, similar to a photographic darkroom.A full range of modern facilities are available to extract and purify quartz and feldspar grains for dating.The method utilises the tiny light signal (the luminescence) emitted from mineral grains when they are exposed to light (the optical stimulation).This signal is built up through the absorption of energy from ionising radiation, emitted from radioisotopes that are present in natural sediment.

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