Oguri shun and yamada yu dating

Good luck in your career as an actor and as a new film director.God bless @Ramen Lover: hey there Ramen Lover, hope you're doing great!BUT BEING BULLIED IS JUST PART OF LIFE JUST TELL THEM THIS "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU GUYS , WERE ALL GROWN UP'S NOW AND YOU STILL DO THE SAME OLD TRICK YOU DO WHEN WE WERE IN GRADE SCHOOL , COME ON GROW UP GUY'S", TELL THEM THAT AND ALL OF THEM WILL HAVE A NOSEBLEED BECAUSE A FORMER GEEK IS NOW A GROWN UP MAN PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR COLLEGE LIFE SOMEWHERE NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, SO YOU CAN LIVE A LIFE THAT'S NORMAL BEFORE YOU HAD A FALLING STAR AND BE YOURSELF AND IF YOUR NOT CONFIDENT ENOUGH TO FACE A LIFE , JUST SAY IT IN YOUR MIND "A LOT OF PEOPLE WANT'S TO GO SCHOOL BUT CANT" GOODBYE OH AND REMEMBER THIS IF SOMEONE PUNCHES YOU GIVE THEM A GLARE LIKE TEACHER BYE AND HAVE A HAPPY LIFE `SAKURA WILL BE WATCHING YOU FROM THE SKY THIS IS MY FIRST AND LAST SMILE IN THIS WORLD BYE BYE BE CONFIDENT OK JUST JOKING BYE Hi Shun I hope you and your family are doing okey after your country hit earthquake.My sympathy and prayers are for you and to your countrymen.He came from a family of five and Shun is the youngest child (one older brother and older sister). Shun's parents picked the name "Oguri Shun" after a fortuneteller predicted a lifetime of good fortune for the child if the parents chose that name. although i knew that you're married.i'm still be yor truly fans.keep going with those eyes..i'm so salute 4 yor actin' that make many girl fall in love with you..however you're the best actor ever i met..congrate..i love japan..kamikaze spirit !! I adore him because he can potrays every single role he he can act like a gangster or yankee in crows zero,the romantic one in rich man poor woman and serious role in hana kimi.can do anything..thats what we call a talented actor not just a pretty boy but acting like a hooker..especially a korean boy..role is limited and not funny...i found most of the japanese actor/actress can do better at their acting like tamaki hiroshi,narimiya hiroki,maki horikita,miura haruma and more.keep it oguri shun I love Oguri Shun . just finished Rich Man Poor Woman and he's handsome as always .. i don't know why nut seriously Oguri you always seem to capture me with all your characters in movies and dramas..In 1994, at the early age of 11, Shun started his acting career in a children's theater. and he's really cool.he's left handed (i love left handed guys XD) . i like u alot as an actor and keep up the good job..ooghh plus you are very attractive,my only attractive jap actor..

In 1998, Shun performance in Fuji TV drama "GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka " brought him idol status. that's why he's always compared with someone more handsome and refreshing and even younger than him. shun's already 30 so stop comparing him to those youngsters!I always thought he looked more like a guy than other celebrities from either SK, Japan, Taiwan or HK. When a league begs me to see your movies and dramas here in Dubai, I say it’s fantabulous! Watched "Surely Someday" at this year's Pi Fan (Puchon International Film Festival). CROWS ZERO is the first movie that i like very much....... I LIKE SHUN OGURI AND I ALSO LIKE YOUR FRIEND TAKAYUKI YAMADA... Oguri-sama, I want to see you, want to see you in my life, thought once, bu T i will happy.. I'm the big fans of you, i will support to you, hahaha.. A cutie, brings tickle on an aged hidden childhood memoir ( Hanakimi& Hanayori). Albeit your busy building up your empire career hopes that you could take time to at least have a glare on Middles east (particularly Dubai) and experience authentic Arabian adventure.. In 2010, Shun made his debut as a director in the feature film "Surely Someday." Best Japanese Actor? IT geek, special task force, elite detective, police officer who can see ghosts, Kudou Shinichi, virgin high school student, yakuza, son of a yakuza, F4 member, Japanese hero (Nobunaga), high jump athlete, samurai - to name a few. Lastly I saw him in Crows Zero and fucking fell in love with him. thank you so much for being a sensitive and sensible actor; which gives one an idea about who you are as a person. I know we are not to look into the personal lives of actors.

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