Discrete web chat

Many network administrators block these, but since new ones appear all the time, one of them is sure to work.

One of the most popular is Hide My Ass.com, which has a built-in Facebook proxy.

For context, there’s Allo for standard text messaging, and then Duo, which is a Facetime-style video-calling app.

Then there’s Hangouts, which is also a messenger that used to be able to handle SMS functionality too – although additional feature was recently removed.

Go to Google Translate, then enter the Facebook URL. The site will appear masked beneath miles of Google URL code in your company’s network log, yet you should have full access to your Facebook account.Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all have extensions that work as panic buttons.Once installed, you can either click the button on your browser or use a shortcut key to hide all of your open browser windows, then restore them when the boss walks away.Many employers block Facebook on company computers, and even more monitor their employees’ online activities.For those lucky enough to work for companies that do not censor Internet usage, know that being caught playing Farm Ville on company time rarely reflects favorably in yearly performance reviews.

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