Stop dating white women movie

Now that you have watched the video, do you think these reasons are true?Black men of BA, do you date outside of your race because you can’t pull our hair in bed?Kanye went from Alexis to Kim Kardashian, so who’s not down?She goes on to say that black women want men to do everything for them, but white women are more 50/50.Every woman should know her worth and I know many white woman who do as well.When you know your worth, you attract what you deserve.Now, I don’t know about you black women of BA, but my hair is sewn when it’s not grown.You can pull it all day long and it’s not going anywhere. I guess that makes her argument null and void after the first 30 seconds.

This video isn’t called “Why black men don’t date hood rats” or “Why black men only date strong black women”, its about why black women aren’t preferred over white women PERIOD!I’m disappointed that the guy (as remedial as he comes off in this video) didn’t think for one minute that this was NOT okay to say.He didn’t stop her, in fact he laughed & encouraged her while giving her a few ideas and talking points.Our curves, our lips, hair and dark skin are so desired by other races that others go to the extremes of surgery to be just like us.Men desire us so much that they will trip over themselves to get at us.

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