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However, in those instances where you are dealing with co-workers who have developed a relationship, the employer only needs to be involved if it becomes a distraction.The most common distractions include public displays of affection, couples spending inordinate amounts of time together during work hours, and co-workers who feel uncomfortable when there is sexual banter in their midst.It doesn’t take a degree or vast experience in HR to recognize the fact that workplace romances exists.It is probably equally as unsurprising to learn that, based upon the amount of time people spend at work, the office or workplace is the place where people often meet their significant others.The average singleton goes out on two dates a month, with first dates costing around £41.20 as people push the boat out.When it comes to the sometimes contentious discussion of who should foot the bill, 40 per cent of the 2,000 adults surveyed said men should pay on the first date (a third of women agreed, compared to half of men), while nearly half preferred to split the bill.Shirley Glass has opined that “today’s workplace has become the new danger zone of romantic attraction.” As a result of her research, she has come to the conclusion that the workplace has been referred to as a “natural dating service” because it is where most people spend the majority of their time and is thus conducive to finding a mate.The new infidelity is between people who unwittingly form deep, passionate connections before realizing that they’ve crossed the line from platonic friendship into romantic love.

Love, indeed, is a many splendored thing, but a thing expressed outside of the workplace.

The potential consequences for an entity are simply too costly.

Managers and supervisors should be reminded of both the legal risks of workplace romance as well as the potential for a decrease in employee morale, productivity and the potential for violence.

Traditionally, employers responded to workplace romance by establishing strict organizational policies designed to regulate or prohibit dating, regularly monitoring their employees as well as imparting swift discipline for employees who violated the policy.

A more progressive approach, if you will, calls upon employers to take a more casual, humanistic view toward workplace romance, taking into consideration the fact that employers cannot truly regulate love or their employees’ personal lives.

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