Christopher titus dating

" When he started traveling the stand-up circuit, he kept his material in the realm of observational comedy of the "Hey, you ever walk into a store and see..." type.

He was scared of showing the audience just how extreme he could be but under the demands of his manager he began edging in his dysfunctional family life into his act.

How are you sure you are gonna get a little somethin' somethin' at the end of the day from a sweet piece of sexy?

Christopher said he prefered the show was canceled due to its content rather than being "not funny" (you will still find people praising the show on youtube).

After the show he continued to make random TV appearances but regularly made the stand-up circuit.

He had a role in the drama Big Shots that lasted only one season.

Specifically, he talked about how scared he was that his mother's insanity could be genetic and that he wanted to stay away from utensils while guests were around.

The results surprised him as the audience loved it and if he ever went back to the "walk into a store" routine they would immediately turn off.

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