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The app is in Czech, but it’s still useful to see photos of various properties, find prices, and get the realtor information.CZECH SKI SLOPES (USD $.99)This app is also in Czech, but because everyone can understand centimeters and Celsius, it makes our list.Here we present of a collection of 10 apps for both the i Phone and Android-based phones that will help you do just that …METEOR (Free) For those weather geeks among us, this app will be as welcome as an umbrella in a sudden downpour.You tell it when and where you want to go and it tells you how to get there, how long it will take, and what stops there will be along the way.You can also download the PID database, which lets you use the Metro SMS system in a more intuitive and user-friendly way than simply texting from scratch.It’s a relatively straightforward app, but its pretty much indispensable for all you ski bunnies and bums out there.Launch the app and a map of the Czech Republic comes up, showing red dots wherever there’s a ski slope (you might be surprised by just how many there are.) Click on a dot and you’ll be taken to the slope’s info page, showing the amount of powder on the ground as well as the current temperature.

PUMPDROID (Free)Speaking of weekend getaways, aside from beer, there’s another critical fluid you’ll need: petrol.

Pumpdroid uses your phone’s GPS system and automatically tells you where the nearest petrol stations are.

It provides cost, directions, the type of fuel available, and even lets you make changes to incorrect pump prices in its database.

If the slope has a webcam (although we couldn’t find any that did), you get to see what’s happening on the hill as well.

The map-based interface is great, because once you pick a slope, it’s easy to find your way there.

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