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At a price of 100 Cruzados a family, 630 wealthy Jewish families were granted permanent residence.

A number of craftsmen, skilled in making weapons, were also allowed to become permanent residence.

Isaac Abravanel was one of the principal merchants and a member of one the most influential Jewish families in Portugal.

Another figure, Jose Vizinho, served as doctor and astrologer to King Joao II.

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In 1492, King Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain expelled all the Jews from Spain.Walking along Lisbon’s streets, remnants remain of Portugal’s rich Jewish life.Sparks of Portugal’s past can be found in the remote mountain villages, where the some of the last remaining Marrano communities can still be found practicing Jewish rituals behind closed doors, fear of persecutions still looming.During the reign of King Joao I (1385-1432), Jews were forced to wear a special habit and to obey a curfew.Joao’s successor, King Duarte (1433-1438), introduced laws forbidding Jews from employing Christians.

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