Updating windows mobile 5

A friendly reminder to our beloved Windows Mobile 6.x users: the Windows Mobile Marketplace is to be discontinued on May 9th, 2012.From that date on, users will no longer be able to access the service to download content.Unoffocial ROMs have been available for quite some time now in the usual places, so long... You have to crack open Touch FLO 3D and tweak every little setting you can. Here's the Toshiba Dynapocket X02T from Japan's Softbank. Way back in June, we told you that Microsoft was developing a new OS designed specifically for enterprise hardware, like pricing and inventory scanners, like the Motorola/Sprint ES400S.

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Windows Mobile 2003 - Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5 - Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5 - Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5 - Smartphone, Windows Mobile 6 Professional (Pocket PC phone), Windows Mobile 6 Classic (Pocket PC), Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone) All support for the product is done through our online Forum and via email on our Contact web page. For information on the latest release, please read the Release Notes and and FAQs on the Path Away Support Forum. Read the System Requirements to ensure Path Away will work with your devices. You can also update the appication directly on your device by selecting the appropriate CAB file.SPB Backup, one of our top choices for full-device backups, got a slight spec bump this week.Tilt Mobility spied it and notes the following changes: Windows Mobile 6.5 support Windows Mobile upgrade 6.1 to 6.5 support Small interface updates Various bug fixes based on user reports You can snag the new download over at SPB's site.An SE rep apparently has told Crave Asia that there will be no update, quit asking, now go buy the Xperia X2. filmmaker Quentin Tarantino (perhaps you've heard of him) shilling for it, and it's definitely entertaining. After the break, see what we're all rocking here at WMExperts. We want to see what you guys and gals have come up with on your Windows phones...(OK, we made up those last two parts.)The good news? Peep video of the Q-Man (that's what he asked us to call him -- really) and more of the... You can't just use the stock Windows Mobile 6.5 interface.

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