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Take a tour of Ballast Point’s production brewery located in Miramar WHILE drinking beer.I mean, who doesn’t like Ballast Point, am I right?Here are 68 ideas for you and your boo, from line-dancing and night golf to sunset bike rides and Mexican meals with skyline views.Now if only we could help you find (or like) your soul mate.

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First dates don’t have to be the same old predictable coffee, dinner, or drinks routine. Everyone around here is dating at least four people at a time until they find the "one" who can convince them to be in an exclusive relationship. Hooking up is no problem, what with the alarming number of attractive single people, but settling into an actual relationship can be tricky, because of that thing we just mentioned.But if you came to San Diego looking for love, here's an indispensable guide to understanding how things work here: If you’re on the hunt for someone who’s into catching waves or bending themselves into a pretzel, then you have your pick around here.This tour is 2 hours and has a low and affordable rate. Not only is a drive-in movie cheaper than a normal movie, but also comfier and far more social.Don’t forget to bring some cuddle blankets and pillows.

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