Amy poehler and adam scott dating

Leslie is approached about possibly running for elected office, a lifelong dream of hers, but when asked about potential scandals in her life she neglects to mention her relationship with Ben.

Leslie and Ben begin dating, but keep it secret due to Chris's policy against workplace romances. D.,” Adam Scott and Amy Poehler had no problem dropping the niceties. 26, who plays Scott’s character’s “prickly” stepmother, who’s just one year his senior.“On the show, all we do is make googly eyes at each other, and then here we were, all of a sudden, hating each other’s guts – I mean, hating each other so, so hard,” he said.Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger briefly date, but they break up after he returns to his old job in Indianapolis.Later, however, Chris returns to become Pawnee's acting city manager, and Ben Wyatt also takes a job in Pawnee.

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