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Tramways to the higher ground were constructed in the 1890s to escape the frost prone areas adjoining the river flats.Coastal steamers conveyed the sugar to refineries and markets as the two State Government railways were of different gauges and there was no connection between Tweed Heads (Queensland) and Murwillumbah (NSW).To assist applicants with the preparation of the SOHI a fillable SOHI Assessment Template has been prepared, which guides applicants through the key questions and assessment requirements.There is no statutory requirement that a heritage expert prepares the SOHI, however, seeking specialist advice is recommended to provide a suitable level of assessment. The first funding program was completed in 2014-15.

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Instead heritage listing is used to identify items and places where there are significant values and to ensure due consideration is given to these values in any development.

Heritage lists contain all the recognised places, sites and items that have been assessed as “of significance” according the standard criteria and levels.

No heritage list is ever complete, as new items are recognised that were overlooked in the past, were not previously recognised due to lack of information, or absence of knowledge of their existence.

These include: form should be used for these requests.

The Office of Environment and Heritage has a Statement of Heritage Impact Assessment Guideline to assist people understand the requirements and process of preparing a SOHI.

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