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Adapted from the story ‘Women without Men’, based on real-life prison experiences, director John Cromwell’s nuanced noir/melodrama was nominated for three Oscars, including best actress (Eleanor Parker) and best supporting actress (Hope Emerson).A teenage bride is sent to the clink for helping her husband in a bungled robbery.Barbara Hammer, the pioneering lesbian artist and activist, is having a moment.Dyketactics (1974) is widely credited as the first lesbian film made by a lesbian, and her work is now reaching mainstream audiences at international galleries and museums.She subsequently becomes hardened after encounters with a brutalising prison system and fellow inmates.Although the lesbianism is not explicit, the film is rich with subtext, with several characters coded as queer.Lizzie Borden was inspired to make her radical lesbian feminist sci-fi tale of activism and guerrilla warfare out of growing distress at the splits in the women’s movement.

Yet there are plenty of lesbian whispers in the 1930s films of Greta Garbo, where she famously plants a morning kiss on the lips of her lady-in-waiting in Queen Christina (1933), or Marlene Dietrich bending her gender in Morocco (1930) and declaring, “Husband?One Scene is a great place to gay and lesbian dates in United States of America.Join today and join the worlds biggest gay and lesbian scene!Let’s look back at 10 landmark lesbian films made in the USA.With the global online domination of Orange Is the New Black (2013-) well under way, a list would not be complete without a women-in-prison drama.

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