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We at ETonline are cordially inviting you to attend a one of the most prestigious and sought-after soirees ever to take place on television: Friday night dinner at the Gilmore house.This weekly tradition was the glue that bonded our formerly estranged Gilmore clan back together on The WB's , and, subsequently, provided us with some of the best scenes in the series' history.

"They usually ask you if there are any foods that you're allergic to, so they're pretty good about accommodating.

The food was only barely adequate because it was never going to be hot, or else you'd burn your mouth."Bishop said that the lukewarm food helped her craft Emily's signature table manners.

"I found myself taking rather small bites," she revealed.

The Flowers: When Bishop wasn't too busy taking itty-bitty bites at dinner, drinking her faux wine, or trying to keep her fast-paced dialogue straight, the Tony Award-winning actress was lusting after Emily's gorgeous floral centerpieces."What impressed me were the flowers," Bishop said in awe. Especially in that center hallway, there was always that giant one.

They were beautiful and gorgeous and they were all over the house too."Sometimes Bishop was able to reap the benefits of having Emily Gilmore as her onscreen alter ego.

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