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You’ll visit each other less and less due to more and more time constraints and distractions.Your cell phone will be so overwhelmed with new contacts you’ll accidentally forget to text him back or start a conversation at all.The combination of alcohol and interaction with boys other than your beau doesn’t exactly scream relationship success.You wouldn’t want the guilt trip via your conscience each time you put on another sexy themed outfit paired with coats of mascara for those nights out with the girls. He’d turn into a jealous control-freak and you’d be limited from living the Greek lifestyle in its entirety.If you want the bond of sisterhood, run over to rush.If you want anything to do with true love, run away. Emotional absence paired with physical distance is the perfect ingredient for brewing a breakup. Regardless of how strong your love is, no matter how understanding he may seem, even if he’s in a fraternity on his college campus, you being in a sorority would likely change the dynamic of your relationship for the worse. Any extra cash you might receive through your parents, holiday cards, or extra work hours will most likely go towards a new party dress, T-shirts displaying fraternity support, crafting materials, sister dinners, your sorority’s memorabilia and tickets for various events. Needless to say, you wouldn’t have much money left over for plane tickets or gas to visit nor birthday presents or just-because gifts to express your love for your boyfriend whose miles away.He’ll start questioning your loyalty, intentions, and future as a couple. If he’s a keeper, dates and mini vacations are, in most cases, paid for but, your time commitment to your sisters could consistently get in the way.

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Sororities are great for meeting your bridesmaids, making professional contacts for the near future, and living the stereotypical college experience. Long-distance relationships thrive on trust and I’m not saying that becoming a “sorority girl” would make you untrustworthy but it’ll cause emotional turmoil for your man nonetheless, maybe even insomnia.

Have you ever meet someone, and whenever you’re around them it’s like time stops? Relationships seem complicated, so I’ve decided to create this guide to help out my fellows on what they might expect if they decide to have a girlfriend in college.

Here’s every girl you’ll date in college as defined by their Starbucks order.

The caramel macchiato girl is simplistic and loves people.

Just like a sorority girl, she loves her sorority sisters and will do anything for them.

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