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(They’ve been married since 1983.) Johnson writes that “nothing can prepare you for the wild antics [of] the Rolling Stones, just as nothing can prepare you for witnessing the notoriously cheap Mick Jagger excuse himself just before the waitress brings the check for dinner.” Johnson flew on the Concorde with the band, and “Keith would often play a new song for me and wait like a little kid for my opinion.” She also befriended another model-turned-Stones-wife, Jerry Hall.Pre-Jagger, writes Johnson, Hall enjoyed every advantage of the supermodel lifestyle.“She turned up to a photo shoot dripping in diamonds and wearing a luxurious chinchilla fur,” writes Johnson.“Jerry told us she had been invited to some faraway Arab island for the weekend and was given the luxury goods at no charge — and nothing was given in exchange. ’ she said proudly.” Johnson herself was no stranger to such gifts.She first met the Jackson family in the early ’70s — she went on several dates with Jackie Jackson — and befriended young Michael, who came to rely on her for skin-care tips. Johnson eventually appeared on Oprah’s national show 12 times.Through friend and fellow model Patti Hansen, Johnson got to know the Rolling Stones, as Johnson was around when Hansen and guitarist Keith Richards fell in love.“Mike was young and still learning how to please a woman, but I very much enjoyed it anyway.

In her new memoir, “The Face That Changed It All,” Johnson details the glamorous and decadent side of modeling, telling of parties such as Halston’s, with “[cocaine] presented in small salad bowls alongside tall glasses of champagne.” Along the way, she kept company with Oprah, feuded with Eileen Ford, befriended Michael Jackson, had relationships or dalliances with the likes of Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy and saw the world.

Tyson “gushed” about how much of a fan he was of hers, telling her “how beautiful I was,” and asking her on a date.

The two spoke on the phone constantly, and just before his big fight — which, if he won, would have made him the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history — Johnson blurted out, surprising even herself, “If you win, I’ll give you some.” Tyson won, and showed up at Johnson’s door 19 hours later, an impressive feat considering that the fight was in Las Vegas and Johnson lived in New York. “Our first time together was nice, if not the most passionate of nights I’d experienced with a man,” she writes.

“I was forced to pull out a bigger book of tricks to help him get to the point of no return sooner, or risk some serious health issues of my own.

Swinging from the chandelier [every night we spent together] was taking its toll on my well-being.” Johnson finally found success at moving Ashe along when she showed up in “a seductive cowgirl outfit” with a sheer top and a denim skirt “with nothing on underneath.” Johnson had a “short encounter” with Eddie Murphy, then at the height of his early success, which “hadn’t gone well.” Johnson was put off by Murphy’s ego, especially after, at a swank party, Murphy had his bodyguards tell Jagger to leave the bathroom so Murphy could use it alone.

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