Military dating system

Military couples stationed together can live off-base and receive a housing allowance, or can give up the housing allowance and live free in on-base family housing, just as members married to a civilian can.If there are no other dependents (children), each member is treated as "single" (for housing allowance purposes), and each will receive the single-rate Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for their rank and assignment location.If there are dependents (children), one of the member's would receive a with-dependent housing allowance while in basic/job training, in order to provide a household for the dependents (Note: This scenario is unlikley, as it requires a very-hard-to-get waiver for a couple with children to both join the military). One of the members, Sally gets orders for a 12-month remote (unaccompanied) tour to Korea.Another example: The Markets (both PFCs in the Army) are assigned together at an Army Post in Texas. While in Korea, Sally loses her housing allowance (because she is living in the barracks there).There are about 84,000 military-married-to-military couples in the United States Armed Forces.

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The military does not guarantee to assign married couples together, however, they will try.

The services will not create a new slot for JOIN SPOUSE.

There has to be an existing slot in the rank/job that the member(s) can be assigned against.

Each of the services have an assignment program called "JOIN SPOUSE." Basically, under this program, the military will try as hard as they can to station military spouses at the same base or within 100 miles of each other.

Note there is no guarantee -- the military just agrees to try.

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