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I'm more annoyed by not knowing which MP3 in the WMP Library is "real MP3", and which one is just backgourn music (in form of MP3 file) that's intended for karaoke.. The albums no longer appear in C:\ music library but they're still there under your username. It's almost a week now and it's still not scanned them all completely.And I've read around the Net, and most answers revolve around these few things already mentioned. As soon as I exit WMP, and when I come back after a while and open it - it again starts sucking those karaoke MP3 files into its library Hopefully someone can help with this.. As a workaround, I pinned my "My Pictures" folder to Favorites (to maintain easy access) and left the Pictures library empty. My music is on another partition (drive D) on the same hard drive. I just read a short article stating that Dell and possibly HP will not honor the warranty on damaged speakers if the user has installed the VLC media player.

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Everytime I open WMP 12, it starts updating my music library. Then the next time I open media player it does the same thing. WMP12 will check each time it's run to make sure that any changes with the files are recorded within the player.

Incidentally, Libraries seem to track the physical location of folders so if you move them you don't have to tell your Library of the new location, which is a nice feature.

System Manufacturer/Model Number Self Build OS Win 7 7201 x64 CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 Memory 8Gb DDR2 6400 (4 x 2) Graphics Card NVIDIA Ge Force 8800GT Sound Card Realtek Hi-Def Onboard Monitor(s) Displays Sony Bravia 26" Screen Resolution 1360 x 768 Hi guys, i've the same problem! Every time i open WMP it starts scanning my drive using half of cpu and in the bottom there's "updating media library", or "retrieving media informations for ...." it works for a couple of hours, then it says "update complete", or something similar. System Manufacturer/Model Number Custom Build OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64 CPU AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core Motherboard ASUS MB-M3A32-MVP Deluxe/Wi Fi Memory 2 x A-Data 2GB DDR2-800 Graphics Card ASUS ATI Radeon HD 2400PRO Sound Card C-Media 7.1 Surround Monitor(s) Displays Sahara 19" Screen Resolution 1600x1200 Keyboard Mercury Mouse Logitech PSU 800W Case Thermaltake Tai-Chi Cooling Tai-Chi Water Cooler Hard Drives 1 x 80GB Seagate (IDE) 2 x 120GB Seagate (IDE/Sata) 2 x 200GB Seagate (IDE/Sata) 1 x 250GB Seagate (Sata) 1 x 320GB Seagate (Sata) 2 x 1TB Seagate (Sata) 1 x 1.5TB Seagate (Sata) Internet Speed 384kbps Not loving the new situation here.

When that one account (but not the others) stopped receiving mail, I "repaired" and uninstalled via the control panel to no avail. A year ago, I created a custom Library and have been using it successfully until the beginning of this week (11/7/2011).

The library's folder location is similar to the following: C:\Users\USERNAME\FOLDERX Now, when I open the Library, it shows a listing of all of the files found within all...

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