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I’ll also chain the ankle cuffs together so as to restrict walking to a hobble. Challenge I’ll first set the one lamp in bedroom 1 to go on at say which will provide some light for the corridor, plus a lamp in bedroom 2 set for that’ll do similar. Now whether I succeed during the night, or wait till the morning, I’ll make it more difficult by wearing the pvc gloves that won’t be removable as I’ll have on locked leather wrist cuffs.

And wearing the hood, in poor light, will make reading the digits awkward to say the least. I’m sure I’m fighting for the same objective, goal, target, call it what you may and many others and may the best girl win!

Very much appreciated and hopefully more into the New Year. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

For those that have taken the time to make comments in my direction, good or bad, I thank you for the time and I thank you dearly and hope that some of them come to fruition in the coming year. Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Panties, Email chat, Wigs, Leather Skirt/Dress, Full Makeup, I am Sub, In the Closet, High Heels, No Male Admirers Please!

Then, over the hood collar, I will put on a leather collar and padlock that on. I am even willing to have a go at a live webcam, you tying me up.

Both the keys to the padlocks will be with the others, probably shed (or maybe kitchen). **TRUST**, **RESPECT**, **LIMITS** and **SAFETY** they mean a lot!!!

Planned meetings later on in the year turned into disappointments, but in life there are many worse things so what’s meant to be will be. To Jo, I am so pleased about your find and continued happiness. Hogtie or chairtie are my favourite positions and being very well ball or harness gagged.

I then go through narrow corridor passing bedroom 2, into bedroom 3. I will have leather ankle and wrist cuffs padlocked on. Blood, scat, golden showers, pain, markings, needles, wax, you get the drift by now!!!! it's not mine.** Blonde, blue eyes and medium build.

Here the lamp timer stays on ONLY long enough for me to get ready. The keys will be either downstairs in the furthest away room being the kitchen or in the shed 30m at the bottom of the garden. I will also put on my leather hood and padlock that on with its built in padlockable collar.

Mmmpppphhhhh Kirsty xxx So the planned self bondage happened and wow what a fun experience.

Go to the following link for the update https://tvchix.com/forum/topic.php? It stays on for 15 mins minimum being what I’d set. Can look attractive although isn't that a personal opinion? I don't mind being photographed, videoed or teased with a vibrator.

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