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At times, it may be required to simulate one or more valid Transaction Statuses.

The client application indicates that it wishes to have certain Transaction Statuses echoed back, and the Payment Service does so in the response.

This means that the client system never needs to store the sensitive card information, helping to reduce PCI DSS Compliance issues.

It is also possible to submit a Tokenization Transaction, whereby the transaction does not process a payment. The Detokenize Transaction can be utilized to subsequently retrieve this tokenized information.

The use of 'Custom Fields' permits the client application to store key-value pairs with each transaction.

In the following example, the client application has stored a purchase order, invoice, crm-id, customer tier, and promotional code.

Please consult your sales representative if you are unsure of the value for the api-id parameter.Retrieving a transaction using a transaction-id returns a single transaction belonging to a merchant account.The transaction-id node must match the value that was included in the transaction response.An error is returned if the request id is not available or the user is not authorized to see the content.In addition up to 50 transactions can be returned in a single response by utilizing a wildcard character (*) as part of the request-id.

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