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A strong woman may have walls built up, whether it’s from previous relationships or being on their own for a long period they will know how to protect themselves first a foremost.So don’t be afraid if you have to push down the barriers before you reach the marshmallow center.

A strong woman knows what’s important to her, and she makes time for it. A strong woman may fight the fact that she might need you or might want you more than she originally thought possible.

With such a sure sense of determination and ambition, a strong woman won’t be afraid to question you if you’re speaking negatively about something.

She will always try and see the positive side of life, glass half full and all.

A strong woman can’t stand petty conversations, so gossip or drama will not interest her. Strong women can also come across as very direct, almost brash.

They can sometimes sugar coat their words to help soften the blow, but they will mostly have a very direct way of communicating with you.

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