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However, to analyze a photo, you want to do the reverse – you want to find the To D and Do Y based on the sun’s position.

Since the Great Circle Studio Solar Calculator cannot be run backwards, to use it in reverse, you must enter a guess for ranges for the To D and Do Y and allow the calculator to produce the position of the sun over this range.

The man in the photo is sitting at the intersection of Griffith and Indiana Sts.

The camera is pointing to the north along Griffith St. In the image, the shadows in the picture fall directly to the east across Griffith St, implying that the sun is directly in the west at an azimuth of 270 degrees.

Having the sun in the west and the camera facing north and aimed directly at the man on the horse means we don’t have to correct the length of the shadows for perspective.

Finding the elevation of the sun is also easy using the triangle outlined in red in this image.

According to Wikipedia ( an ephemeris is a table of values that gives the positions of astronomical objects in the sky at a given time or times.

An Easy Example An easy example of how to do this is provided by the Sheboygan Dead Horse photo.I also came across this great set recently - artill weather icons.This plugin came about because I wanted control over what was displayed.It just gives you the data for you to use, display, and style as you need. Since geolocation is a common question, it is now supported as of v2.5.0.This means you can use HTML5 geolocation to pass in lat/long to simple Weather and get data back. Over the past year or two I've compiled several demos from requests which you are lucky enough to have access to.

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