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Scroll down to Dunhill: Articles/I would realy like to know the answer to this question as well.It seems rather silly to me that those stamped numbers wouldn't somehow correlate to a date.In one such thread ( In that thread a user named SBE posted 054141 as a serial on one of his tins of Nightcap.

1125809142 As for the Lane distributed tins, I have no idea.They each have just a plain, white Lane sticker with an ink-stamped "03" on it and that's all.The only information I have found about dating Dunhill tins makes no mention of the numbers stamped on the bottom being the answer. Tobacco is no exception and this is especially true of virginia tobacco which has a high sugar content. Tax Stamps A US tax stamp or remnants of the same is indicative of a tin dating from the 's or earlier. This lot contains 14 sealed collectible pipe tobacco tins and pouchfrom my The problem with the last category of tins however, is that it is extremely difficult to dating dunhill tobacco tins whether you are looking at a silver or a gold tinted tin bottom unless you have one of the other for comparison and do not believe any one that tells you they can do it without a comparison tin. Not sure about the where and if Petersons display dating dunhill tobacco tins date on their tins. I bought four last week, but one dnuhill older, per the clerk as the price was a buck less. I bought four last week, but one is older, per the clerk as dating dunhill tobacco tins price was a buck less. Unlike the US tax stamp however, these stamps are currently in use. I have a tiins of Dunhill Early Morning that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking tons the various ways to try and determine tobacco age from tin dates. Balkan Sobranie was imported by Tobavco Russell so as discussed earlier the Russell addresses are also useful dating dunhill tobacco tins dating.

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