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reasons: • They must have fallen for one another while working closely together on her album Wild Hope last year. • She has dated Zach Braff, Andy Roddick, and Wilmer Valderrama.In other words, Adams is venturing into territory where no true hipster has gone before.“It all happened so quickly,” a source told the mag.“They didn’t see it coming, but they seem happy together.” Ryan recently split from his wife of five years Mandy Moore.• Adams has previously dated Parker Posey and Winona Ryder.The Gimme Something Good star announced his split from singer/actress Mandy in January, 2015 after almost six years as husband and wife, and he has since bounced back from the break-up by dating brunette beauty Butterworth, reports Us Weekly magazine.Surely, Winona is a big music fan, always has been, and she seems to have good taste in bands. However, frequently compulsive shopping/shoplifting and drug abuse can be accompanied by sexual compulsion.However, the string of rockers to me smacks of another compulsive behavior . I don't think this is either good or bad, but rather just a related problem.

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And then, weirdly, s--- happened and she was in the news.'' Okay, really, WHO are we talking about? :/Chriss, "Beyond Compare" is the two words which I won with in a contest "Bigbigs" started at the website "And God Created Noni" months ago. ---------------------------- Charles, since I'm nearly old as you, I thought it would be great if Winona had to get both our blessings before she decided to get married.

" Chuck Berry knew that there were cars, and there were girls and there was good rock and roll. The more I know about this talented young lady, the more I respect her. And she has become a joke in that dating Winona Ryder has become the hipness seal of approval for any new musician.

I mean the stuff she has to go through to get a little, and the crap she has to put up with just to earn a living. The way she chases these musicians, she has become a caricature.

If she gets good psychiatric help this compulsion should diminish along with her other compulsive behaviors.

So I don't see her social proclivities as a conscious effort on her part to be cool.

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