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So you’ll need to create a special “landing page” for these email links.Adobe Flash does not obey the layering set in the HTML code on all browsers.

To illustrate how reactive chats are routed when using tags, we shall explore a handful of different scenarios in which one of them …READ FULL ARTICLELike other applications and websites, you can configure your device to also automatically start the Chat Portal.Although chatting is fun and it easily becomes a habit to start and log in your Chat Portal, having it start automatically will make sure that you do not forget to become available for your web-visitors who will be looking to chat with …If the Snap Engage button or chat form appears to be hidden behind a flash video or app, you just need to set the wmode parameter set to transparent.Add this code in your OBJECT tag: When adding an extension number for your agent to the call-me phone number, Snap Engage first dials the number, and then when the automated system picks up, waits 0.5 seconds and sends the DTMF tones to connect to the extension.

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