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Luckily, getting settled wasn’t as big a problem as it usually was.As the kiss ended we looked back into each other’s eyes.Without having to worry about getting busted, and knowing of Larisa’s acceptance of the events, there was nothing to make it stressful any longer.Val spread her legs open slightly as she sexily smiled, still trying to seduce me.

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"Most of my friends know my husband so I couldn't talk to them about my affair," she confides.

and we all think we are too smart to get caught." Serial Mistress, a divorcee who dates married men and writes about her experiences at, sees things differently.

I just think it's funny to watch you run around like a crazy person looking for them" and "Sometimes you only have to make me laugh to change my mood.

” “Well I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a little TV show by the name of…

but that goes to show you that even when the plane’s missing the nose AND the tail, at least forty-five people can survive.

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