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6 p.m.: Get a text from a coworker to meet him and his girlfriend for drinks.

7 a.m.: Text tinder boy to say I made it home last night, but fell asleep before messaging. Have partied too many night this week and haven’t slept enough.

I walk him to the subway and he tries to kiss me before getting on, but I back away awkwardly and wave like I’ve never interacted with a human.

12 p.m.: I’m meeting my dad for his birthday, so I cover the bruises from last night with foundation and head into the city.

Mostly meets people on: Tinder, until she got kicked off for that thing. 10 p.m.: Head to a bar to eat fries, drink margs and bitch about boys with a coworker before going out.

12 a.m.: We meet up with friends at a rooftop in Bushwick before hitting the clubs, and make a vow to go up and talk to any attractive guys we see. 12 p.m.: We spot two hot guys sitting together, and walk up to them. 12 p.m.: Meet up with the girls for a boozy brunch. ) confronts me about not answering his texts anymore. 6 p.m.: Spend about an hour too long swiping on Tinder.

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