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It is said that beauty is “only skin deep,” and I believe it is so, it will shortly fade away.

We should be reasonable on this subject, as well as on others; but when a person is love struck, there is no reason in them. We should love so that we could throw him off at any time if he does not do right.” (John Taylor, JD 7) -“A great many women are more nice than wise.

He was a big fellow who’d lost his leg, but his argument for coming onto the show was, ‘Well, when you’ve lost a leg, this means nothing’.“The show has done wonders for people’s body confidence, because it allows you to understand there are lots of different bodies out there – and not just the ones you see in pornography.“I’ve never met a single person who has said Naked Attraction has made them feel insecure.

And while we all know that meeting a potential partner for the first time can be awkward – even when fully clothed – it can be even more daunting if you’re struggling with body image issues.

“I think the rise of online dating apps is the millennial scourge, because it forces you to become incredibly judgemental and to focus on looks,” says Anna.

You’ll notice your anxiety comes right down – tapping really is fantastic.”“In psychotherapy there’s a technique called ‘The Circle of Excellence’.

[Anna is a trained psychotherapist who has just launched Mindbox, a digital therapy platform].“Stand in your current space and imagine you’ve spun a spiderweb out of your wrist that has created a little circle in front of you.

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