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Probably our favourite smelling oil, the aroma lingers for a while after use, and not in an off-putting way — you get a subtle waft every now and again. Our tester praised its ability to transform his beard from untidy and wiry to neat and soft. Beardbase Beard Oil: £13.50 for 30ml, uk Here's another option for those who prefer the scentless oil.We found this oil was rich but didn’t leave behind a greasy residue, and left our beard feeling fully refreshed. Autumn Warmth: £7.95 for 10ml, We may have entered the winter gloom now, but this spicy oil will transport you back a few months into autumn.This is another good place for reclaimed wood or paneling that mimics old wood, which you can find at Faux Panels. You can also use drop in tiles with a suspended ceiling framework if you are working with an unfinished basement ceiling.You can find these tiles at American Tin Ceilings and Decorative Ceiling Tiles.For a real western novelty, take a look at the saddle seat barstools at the Longhorn Ranch General Store.Replicas of antique oil lamps with hurricane shades and brass or tin hardware and old kerosene lanterns make excellent lighting choices for a saloon themed room.Choose a bar made with distressed wood and rustic hardware.

Rather, it’s got an alluring, herbal scent which wasn’t too overpowering when we applied a couple of drops each day (the amount we used for each of these oils).If possible, do away with as many modern furnishings as you can. Wood floors provide a much more authentic Western feel than carpeting.If you can afford it, go for reclaimed wood or old weathered barnwood for flooring. Wood paneling on the walls also adds a rustic feel. These lightweight titles can easily be installed by gluing or nailing them to the ceiling.Designed in collaboration with the model Ricki Hall, it was up there with the most effective when it came to beard softening, too. Baron Bergamot and Orange: £4.99 for 10ml, Amazon Our long-bearded tester reported that this relatively cheap oil certainly did the job.Hair looked and felt considerably smoother after a couple days’ usage, there was no unwanted irritation and the agreeable orange scent lingered for around an hour. Old Joll’s Mandarin and Cedarwood: £7.95 for 10ml, This smells beautifully natural — a surprisingly pleasant mix of orangey zest and cedarwood — and it is totally natural, with the ingredients including sweet almond oil and extracts of mandarin and juniper.

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