Paige parker dating without drama reviews mars and venus dating advice

At the end of the day it left me feeling cold, empty, unfulfilled along with a track record of broken relationships to prove it. *Trying and failing miserably to make an emotionally unavailable man committed to you. So if there was one piece of relationship advice I learnt from this book it was that I have to calm the heck down! *Having the conversation – You know where you ask the guy, “where is this going” or “you better marry me, or we should break up”.Can you imagine how hard it would have been for guys to date me?! Paige Parker doesn’t just talk a whole bunch of dating tips and rules. I got all my excitement from engaging with my life more.

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Her weekly newsletters, e Book, and coaching programs help hundreds-of-thousands of woman around the world each day. Expert Dating Advice, Facebook, Intimacy, Paige Parker's Advice, Relationship Advice, Understanding Men, where to meet men Our experts have been hand-picked by Dating Without Drama founder and world-renowned relationship expert, Paige Parker.

The advice is designed to be easy to understand and easy to put into action right away.

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Dating Without Drama created by Paige Parker is a book that has changed thousands of women’s lives.

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