Change dating pocket service

Initially, its main draw was the fact it offered unlimited free next-day delivery.

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This week the Advertising Standards Authority ruled a mailshot promoting Amazon Prime misled consumers about subscription fees.He believes Amazon was simply passing on the cost of the acquisition of Love Film to its customers.‘In general I’ve had no problems with Amazon and they provide a good service, but this method of bundling is out of character and I really don’t think they understand what a public relations disaster it is becoming,’ he says.‘I object to being forced to pay for something I don’t want, and I don’t understand why, with modern technology, you can’t buy a package that suits yourself.’But Amazon is unlikely to change its policy any time soon.At the time Amazon portrayed the price hike as a good deal for its customers.Love Film had cost £5.99 a month so, added to the £49 for Amazon Prime, the combined cost would have been roughly £120 annually.

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