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This comes with the original box that is marked NON XLL and Joseph Allen & Son Sheffield England. Each side is the mirror image of the other in wonderful condition. Single pinned, 3/4" blade, freshly honed and stropped to a Shave Ready edge. There is no wear to the scales and the background color is mostly present. The blade swings neatly between the scales so that there is no contact with the shaving edge. The decoration is the 'EVE' with open sea shells and a swan on one side and an alligator and FAULTLESS in floral designs. I have found two references to Carrington & Co and both have mottled, multi-colored scales. 9/16" wide, square end, gimps on both top and bottom of the shank, some rust on the reverse side of the blade, needs honing and stropping. 5/8" wide blade square end, both ends of the French Ivory scales are wrapped in silver. front part of the inscription on the shank is weak and it appears that it was stamped at an angle or the hollow grind procedure removed it, but it does say Joseph Allen & Sons Sheffield England. The previous owner has lightly honed the edge and not stropped the marks out of the edge. Both scales have a bas relief of Eve with flowing tresses in the Deco style. One of the best companies that produced decorative scales for razors. Black scales, double pinned no damage to scales nor to the blade. The scales are Aluminum castings, rare under any circumstances, but these have been put on the old family razor by a person with limited skills... Double pinned, square end, very sharp but needs a session on the strop.One small chip by the hinge pin on the reverse side. 1920’s Condition: good, buffed, sharpened and shave ready Included: razor and box only his Böker razor is in very good condition, considering it’s over a century old.

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The original box is present and inscribed to the LEE Hardware C, King Cutter. Square end, gimps on top of the shank, long monkey tail. Pictures: , Peter Michels Brooklyn NY (made for him in Germany) 5/8" wide, 'Cracked Ice' scales has silver bands around the ends on each side, the obverse side has a silver panel: Tru-Edge. This razor has been finished with a Shave Ready edge and is ready to go. They made many novelty razors in the 20's and 30's. Forums indicate that this is a rare maker who used superior steel. If you restore razors, this will be a real prize for you. It appears that on the obverse side of the shank is a rendering of Columbus with a flag. it wouldn't take much to make this one shave ready. Nice old razor with bone scales and a lead wedge which is indicative of a razor made in the early to mid 1800's. The early arrow with the cross on the right side of the arrow and 'B' in a circle on the left end. square end to blade but it could use some work on the hone and strop. Most of the color between the bamboo segments is still there. There are some initials scratched into the surface of the bone but not ledge able. Round end to blade, gimps on the top and bottom of the shank, double pinned. Both ends are intact but the logo is of a flower with six petals. The edge needs honing to get rid of some of the rough spots but the steel is top grade and the blade made in Germany for Western. French ivory scales inlayed with silver diamond and Maxard in the center. It comes in an old pressed cardboard coffin box of the same vintage.

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