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Make Questions Your Friend The quickest way to get to know a man on a first date is to throw plenty of questions out there. And don't make the first question, "Are you the marrying kind?

It's about listening carefully, and noticing the little details.Don't give too much information about yourself too quickly. Because men will start to agree with and mimic everything you say.If you give him too much to work with, he'll figure out exactly what you want from a man, and he'll portray that image to you. I know it's hard to hold back from talking about yourself too much. Deep down you really want to tell him about your two kids and a house in the sticks fantasy. Another reason you don't want to go overboard with your life-story is most men aren't keen on women who constantly talk about themselves.This is another sign he's not looking for anything long-term.He could ask you the question back so be ready with an answer.

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