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Like many European countries many women in Estonia speak at least some English.

The education system is excellent and in fact Estonia is considered one of the most internet friendly countries in the world.

The country is bordered by the gulf of Finland, the Baltic sea and the Peipsi lake.

Estonians spend a lot of time at the beach and as such the women like to make sure they maintain their bodies in swimsuit worthy shape.

She views a man of this age to be more stable and a better financial provider and thus more appropriate as a husband.

However age gaps of between 10 - 20 years are also quite common.

First, of course as already touched on while the Estonian economy is rapidly growing and residents would by no means be described as deprived, Western men are still seen as offering financial stability.

Secondly, Estonian women are quite traditional in their outlook and are interested in getting married.

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Another reason that Estonian women look abroad for their future husbands is simply because of basic demographics.In Estonia, as is the case for many eastern European countries, there are more women than men.There aren't enough men for the Estonian women to marry.Another factor to consider with age is that many women in Estonia will get married in their early 20's.A women who is in her late twenties or early thirties may already feel her opportunity to get married is slipping away.

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