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Anderson Cooper, in all fairness, may not be the whitest man in America (there’s always Mitt Romney, but in all fairness, Mitt has the spray-on tan going on and dark hair on top), but he’s recently been brave enough to attempt to cover interracial dating and love on his “new” (?? On a recent episode, Anderson interviews Ralph Richard Banks, author of “Is Marriage for White People?

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Tonight’s episode of Anderson Cooper 360° continued its series “Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture” which will present the results of the study commissioned by the program trying to understand how children view race and race relations. That’s skirting the issue.” UCI President PAT MCQUAID via : “Lance Armstrong’s decision finally to confront his past is an important step forward on the long road to repairing the damage that has been caused to cycling and to restoring confidence in the sport." “Lance Armstrong has confirmed there was no collusion or conspiracy between the UCI and Lance Armstrong.But if he is sincere in his desire to correct his past mistakes, he will testify under oath about the full extent of his doping activities." WADA President JOHN FAHEY in : “There’s nothing new from my point of view,” Fahey said. “He denied that until this point, but there was little doubt he was doing that, and all he did was confirm that today in a very controlled manner.” Fahey was especially damning of Armstrong’s choice of forum to confess, saying he should have appeared under oath at an “appropriate tribunal” where he could be cross examined.They were encouraged to marry last year by Anderson's mother, designer Gloria Vanderbilt.She reportedly helped the pair patch up their relationship after they struggled with conflicting work schedules.

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