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She owns me,” Russell said, adding that she is not responsible for breaking up the marriage. Russell's version of events."The so-called broken-heart tort involves two components.

“It was already broken before I ever was involved.”An attorney for Marika Holland released a statement to WRAL News, saying her client does "not wish to engage in a public airing of dirty laundry.""This case has been through the judicial process," attorney Carolyn Lovejoy wrote. One is alienation of affection, which accuses someone of breaking up a happy marriage.

A three-year statute of limitations was also placed on the law.

Jackson says he'd prefer the law be abolished all together.“I had seen the toll it takes on families. “It just creates more hard feelings and makes it impossible for the parties – the husband and wife who have separated – to move forward in individual lives and still focus on the well-being of their children.”For now, moving forward is difficult for Russell and her new husband Dray Holland. I'm basically am teenager all over again,” she said. But, to go to such an extreme of destroying someone …

Betty Devin, who later married Donald Puryear, was accused of maliciously breaking up the marriage and was ordered to pay million. In Russell's case, she has not paid Marika Holland any money, partially due to a bankruptcy filing.

Devin, who was ordered to pay million, has not paid anything, according to court records. Ditched spouses file about 200 lawsuits each year in North Carolina – 187 in 2012, 199 in 2011 and 205 in 2010.

Many of the lawsuits are used as leverage in divorces and never make it in front of a judge.

Darren Jackson, D-Wake, helped craft a compromise in 2009 that placed stricter rules on alienation of affection suits, stipulating that no one can be sued for actions taken after a couple has permanently and physically separated.

We may even discover that we do not need to engage in a Honey Trapping situation because of the partner may already be in a ‘multiple cheating programme of their very own and is someone who likes to play about, play around or play love games with many different partners.

Who We Help We specialise in helping clients that reside in the UK and the Continent that have long distant relationships with partners that live in the Gambia.

The other is criminal conversation, which involves sexual acts.

The idea dates back hundreds of years to colonial North Carolina, when women were seen as property.

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