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Surprisingly, eggs are not sodium-free: But while a large egg contains 70 milligrams, 1 ounce of sausage has 180 milligrams and ham has 370 milligrams, says Dunn. If you're in the habit of eating one or two eggs a day, you may also be cooking them up with butter, sausage, bacon and cheese, all of which raise blood cholesterol -- which affects heart health. "In fact, the FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization] of the United Nations classifies eggs as the highest protein source, above other protein of a food by analyzing its amino acid content, its digestibility and the amino acid requirements of the animal species that eat it. With 100 as the standard for protein quality, an egg is rated at 93.7. Other foods include cow's milk (84.5), fish (76), beef (74.3) and soy (72.8). This means egg protein has the highest value for growth," says Van Beber.Are there other reasons eggs are considered unhealthy? Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are also found in eggs. Specifically, lutein and zeaxanthin are found in the yolk of an egg.Yet a recent study shows us that ethanol in alcohol isn't enough to kill all of the bacteria on its own. While using a whole bottle of whisky in eggnog might reduce the risk of Salmonella, it's not 100% effective.A food safety expert at NC State says that the heavy cream in eggnog is likely to protect Salmonella cells.So yes, eggnog is safe to drink for a healthy individual.Obviously, there's some risk with consuming raw egg, so don't go overboard on it.

He told us that although there is risk to cooking with raw eggs, the amount of alcohol in the recipe will kill any harmful bacteria from the raw eggs.“The cream also complicates things in eggnog as it has fat in it – and high fat environments like peanut butter and chocolate serve to protect Salmonella cells,” Ben Chapman tells NC State News.If you're going to make eggnog at home, the FDA recommends starting with a cooked egg base. It's when you combine eggs, plus half of the milk that the recipe calls for.The eggnog recipe he showed us didn't include heating it over the stove — so am I going to get Salmonella?We did some digging to find out all the details on consuming eggnog.

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