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In many nations with anti-discrimination legislation, women are excluded from holding certain positions in the military, such as serving in a frontline combat capacity or aboard submarines.The reason given varies; for example, the British Royal Navy cite the reason for not allowing women to serve aboard submarines as medical and related to the safety of an unborn fetus, rather than that of combat effectiveness.Some religious organizations are exempted from legislation.For example, in Britain the Church of England, in common with other religious institutions, has historically not allowed women to hold senior positions (bishoprics) despite sex discrimination in employment generally being illegal; the prohibition was confirmed by a vote by the Church synod in 2012.The National Bureau of Economic Research finds some evidence that sex discrimination/equal pay laws boosted the relative earnings of black and white females and reduced the relative employment of both black women and white women.Where anti-discrimination legislation is in force, exceptions are sometimes included in the laws, particularly affecting the military and religions.If your boss has neurotic tendencies, then there’s unfortunately less you can do to help fix the situation because it’s up to your boss to fix her own situation. In order to be the boss, you usually have to be a high performer in your field.

There’s probably nothing more annoying for an experienced person than to be micromanaged.

I see this situation happen all the time with the promotion of top tier sales people into managerial roles.

There is a different skill-set involved in becoming a good boss.

When you’ve got plenty of other means to make a living, working for a micromanager is NOT WORTH IT.

But for those of you who have no way out yet, this post will discuss strategies on how to deal with micromanagers so you no longer have to feel miserable coming into work.

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