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It can effectively compare data between different databases and files.In data migrations, sources & target schema structures are the same, so our Rules Wizard can help in creating the rules automatically for the users.It helps identify issues generated by the data migration process by comparing complete datasets between source and target.i CEDQ can help compare the output generated from legacy and new system to make sure the same data is being generated from both systems.Unless there is a business rule change in which case you test for the business rule change.This make rules reusable across environments in different phases of data migration projects.Introduction and Goals Objectives of Testing The Testing Process The final task to be performed in the Developing Phase is to test the database.Data integrity issues include: null values, foreign keys, duplicate data issues and much more.i CEDQ is a Data Testing software platform which is heavily used by customers for Data Migration Testing.It’s unique In-Memory rules engine allows users to compare schema structures and content inside the database effectively.

Data migration processes might bring over invalid or inconsistent data to the new target system causing data integrity issues.The following tasks are performed to ensure database integrity: If the application has been migrated, running a few frequently used business transactions would ensure whether the schema has been successfully migrated.After the correctness of the database structure and its objects is guaranteed, data migration can proceed.The inability to correctly replicate the schema, may lead to data truncation or format issues as well as failure of the data migration process.Incomplete or data loss happens when the data migration process does not migrate the expected data from source to target.

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