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The afternoon shift supervisor had already made plans after I'd promised to relieve him again. Consequently, I was standing in the wrong spot at 10PM Friday, when a 35T loader came round the corner and almost cleaned me up. When I arrived at home after 11.30PM, the message light on the phone was blinking. After some small talk she asked, "Was there something you wanted Dave? "No, I just dropped in to ask my wife out on a date tomorrow night." "I'm sorry, Freda and I already have something planned. You work Friday nights" "Not any more I don't Julie, I chucked that in." "But what about the money?I threw my self aside at the last moment and felt the hot breath of the exhaust in my face from my position on the ground. It was Julie saying she missed me and thanking me for giving her some space by not ringing her. " "Well, I've decided to prioritise my marital and physical health.We'll need that money Dave." I just looked at the flowers and chocolates, still lying where she'd casually tossed them, and left. Both times she seemed very upset that I hadn't rung her.I explained that working full time, cooking for myself and going to the gym didn't leave much time. My weekly visit was on the Tuesday night the following week. I didn't make the same mistake as last time and sit on the couch. She looked a little uncomfortable as she explained that I really should have rung.Surely you'll agree that a bit of a break will do us the world of good." If I'd been in a more rational frame of mind, I may have noted that in one monologue she'd changed from using 'us' at the start, to 'me' at the end. I'm sure that after a month, two at the most we'll be back where we used to be." With that Julie got up, retrieved two suitcases from the back hall and marched towards the front door. In fact, if you do any of those things, I may interpret that as you not trusting me and have to review our relationship." She made to get up again but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back down. You've had days or weeks to plan your little speech and your little gamble, but it's all new to me." "What gamble Dave? For example, we hardly go out together because I work so much overtime on Fridays and Saturdays."Don't I get any say in this at all Julie," I stuttered. " I was glad that her face was finally showing some of the confusion I felt. We agreed on the overtime to improve our financial position.She said not to as she would be out till late that night. Monday I went to see the boss and said I regretted that I wouldn't be able to do any overtime for a while. Now that I have to do all my own shopping, cleaning and cooking, I'm even more tired than ever.I was starting to get very resentful that I was working my ass off to put three times as much in the bank as her, while she was living the high life. When he pressed me I admitted to the close shave I'd had on Friday night. When I hadn't contacted Julie by Wednesday, she rang me. When I got your message at 11.30 last Saturday night, the one where you told me you were going out, I decided I was being a complete mug by working myself to death like that.

Besides I'm still writing two a week and they're starting to bank up. I'd also like to publically thank my wife for the inspiration for this and most of my woman-behaving-irrationally stories. That translated as Julie holding down a full time job and me doing the same with as much overtime as I could eat.I enjoyed my first human bodily contact in over two weeks.Suddenly I froze as Freda's voice sounded right next to my ear.That's why the conversation we were having this Thursday night was so bizarre. The person doing the dropping has it all planned out and is totally prepared."Dave, I want to discuss a trial separation." How do you spell incredulous? The person being dropped is unprepared and confused. My next statement was thus an equally intellectually stimulating. " "I just think we need a bit of a break from each other. You have to admit Dave, you aren't as romantic as you used to be and don't appear to appreciate me as much as you used to. Feel free to ring me whenever you like, but I don't think we should see each other more than once a week.

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