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said Laura Sossong, consultant at Boston Retail Partners, Boston."Users expect exclusive engagement with their favorite brands on Snapchat, providing retailers with prime opportunity to truly ingrain captive consumers in their culture and image.?As was evidenced by its popularity during New York Fashion Week, expanding utilization of Snapchat is unequivocally a smart strategic move for brands. s Secret revealed that veteran Angel ambassador Lily Aldridge will be modeling the 2015 fantasy bra during its annual fashion show, which will air on Dec. The brand took to Snapchat to unveil the news, showcasing videos and photos of Ms.

I then rearrange this text, clicking and dragging letter by letter until I have a new English sonnet.

I can’t wait to keep it going with my monthly Open Houses! And of course we had any ultra exciting product launch!

I loved applying everything I learned at our National Training 2016 earlier in August. I have a lot of amazing things happening, and look forward to a booming Fall!

They were required include the hashtags #VSFantasy Bra and #Doodle For Free Bra before sending the drawing back to the official Victoria? Users also must have been following the account to be eligible to win."Gamification is becoming an increasingly popular way to incentivize consumer engagement in the brand story,? An increasing amount of brands are taking to Snapchat to foster two-way communication with their customers.

Express also posts daily videos featuring models wearing its latest looks, and asks followers to Snap their own branded outfits back to its official account.

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