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‘A lot of big names were pitched, but I wanted fresh people that the audience could get to meet.We did a two-month casting all over the country.’ Only Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele had Broadway experience but they can all sing, dance and act.An after-school club, with members singing and dancing to showtunes.Nowadays, a phenomenon peculiar to American high schools and colleges, the first Glee Club was actually founded in London in the 18th Century.Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba, right) Mc Kinley High’s headmaster.Keen on cost- cutting measures (the school has been serving the students prison food in order to save money), he was the victim of a failed attempt by Sue Sylvester to blackmail him when she threatened to air an embarassing commercial he once made for in-flight anti-DVT stockings.Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays, right) The school’s virginal counsellor who has a serious crush on Will.Charged with offering advice and guidance to the impressionable minds of Mc Kinley High, Emma is plagued by her own impressive array of OCD behaviours.‘I just take lots of showers,’ she says, explaining her coping mechanisms, ‘and I don’t eat dairy.’ Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch, right) Head coach of the school cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, and Will Schuester’s arch-nemesis.

When Ryan Murphy — the man behind Nip/Tuck and one of Glee’s creators, was casting for the show, he deliberately chose unknowns.

Ultra-talented star of the Glee Club, Rachel is the only child of a gay male couple.

Bossy, shrill and fame- driven (‘nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor’), she’s strangely likeable.

It’s been compared to High School Musical, but while HSM can be rather saccharine, Glee covers the teen angst themes of peer pressure, teenage pregnancy and high-school romance and imbues them with a twist.

‘It’s like High School Musical, but written by evil people,’ say the creators.

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