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Wigginton went to the bench after getting his second foul with left until the break. Jackson came to the rescue.“I knew I had to play the best defense I could,” Jackson said. Iowa State columnist Randy Peterson has been with the Register for parts of five decades.

He’s mostly been unstoppable, but Saturday, he worked hard for everything he got. He missed seven of his nine field-goal attempts, too.

There are people who are trained specifically to handle those tasks, and the best thing we can do is allow those people to do what they do and be there in a support capacity.

Whether it’s emotional support, whether it’s deeds or tasks in terms of making life easy for the person who is down – or if not easy then easier – those are the things we should do as good teammates, and so we openly talk about those things.

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Backs-on-backers in training camp is a drill slanted toward the linebackers, because the running backs can’t cut-block and so the linebackers often run over them in that drill.

I get an opportunity to measure those guys and see what they’re like in the face of adversity under those circumstances.

And then I also take those opportunities to talk about how that parallels to game circumstance.

At your news conference, you were asked in connection to ’s injury, “How do you motivate the team after they see a teammate injured severely?

” You said, “We don’t wait for something to happen to talk about those things.” How do you talk about that? Again, during the process of a season – training camp, the preseason, the regular season, and so forth – people get injured every day.

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