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However, its server-side processing model has several drawbacks inherent in the technology: Enter Microsoft's ASP. AJAX, which stands for A synchronous J ava Script A nd X ML, is an integrated framework for providing incremental page updates via cross-platform Java Script, composed of server-side code comprising the Microsoft AJAX Framework, and a script component called the Microsoft AJAX Script Library. NET AJAX extensions also provide cross-platform support for accessing ASP. This whitepaper examines the partial page updates functionality of the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, which includes the Script Manager component, the Update Panel control, and the Update Progress control, and considers scenarios in which they should or should not be utilized.

We already used it in the Hello world example, and in this chapter, we will go in depth with more aspects of the control.Enabling partial rendering with this default page is as simple as revisiting Step 10 of this walkthrough and dropping controls onto the page.Markup-Enabled Properties: Quite simply, the above script registers a callback with the client-side AJAX runtime for when the asynchronous request has been completed. NET, we are able to programmatically force an Update Panel to Update – we do not have to rely solely on triggers. Similarly, we are able to stop an Update Panel from updating if certain criteria is not met.

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