Italian sex

Italian voters were asked whether they wanted to amend the constitution t Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi proposed a referendum which would have reduced the powers of the senate.

Italian voters were asked whether they wanted to amend the constitution to change how parliament is run and the Italian voters rejected the proposals.

Just consider: In the same day 10 women complained about Brizzi’s abuse, five came forward accusing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of long-ago misconduct.

” So, in less than three days, the public debate has shifted from the offenses themselves to the problem of having trials by television instead of courts, with some victim-blaming on the side.One, Clarissa Marchese, a former Miss Italia, repeated the same charge to the newspaper La Repubblica. Even though these women all told versions of the same story, citing the same details about Brizzi’s house, the public reaction has been largely suspicious.One of their main objections will sound very familiar to American women: If they were truly victimized, why didn’t the women go immediately to the police instead of waiting in some cases years to go public?MATARAM, Indonesia: An elderly Italian man has been jailed for five years for having sex with four underage boys on the Indonesian resort island of Lombok, a court official said on Thursday (Sep 7).Bruno Gallo, 70, was found guilty of having sex with the minors, aged between 16 and 17 years old, by a judge in West Nusa Tenggara province on Wednesday.

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