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This time around, Reuters got Post to predict commercialization in 20 years, but there have been many other types of forecasts.My intuition was that the predictions were always just far enough into the future to make them checking them unlikely.This is an immensely difficult and expensive task, as biologist Christina Agapakis pointed out last year.Nonetheless, the burger marks a major milestone for Mark Post, a biologist at the University of Maastricht, who has been working in this area of tissue engineering for many years.The capillary tubes also come with a mixing wire and magnet to facilitate thorough mixing of the sample.Capillary samples are often collected in stressful situations, making it difficult to fill a capillary tube with a single skin puncture.

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A couple people ate some hamburger in London yesterday.

Kids have dropped them and we have yet to break one.

They are small, so mixing anything over a few m L you should get a larger size.

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