Deborah presley christian brando dating

Cheyenne is represented by the Moon ( pregnant female ) in the 4th house ( of the family ) in Pisces ( mental confusion and drug issues ).The Moon is conjunct Mars ( Cheyenne claims she was being abused ).Cheyenne was later formally diagnosed with schizophrenia and her health steadily declined.

Other planets did though and the movements of Uranus are particularly interesting.They are often set up in some nice corner of the fashion industry and helped along considerably by their star studded parents contacts.This view tends to ignore the fact that even the sons and daughters of celebrities have their own charts with their own personal issues that they have to deal with and confront.As ever when Pluto is involved in a natal relationship with other planets it’s most likely to be seriously triggered when it makes its next transit to them.Pluto’s next transit to Brando’s Sun and Ascendant was in 1990 – 91 when it was conjunct the Ascendant and opposite the Sun.

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