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WHAT IT DOES: Roger Voice uses voice recognition to convert voice to text, so deaf people can “hear” phone calls by reading.This video from the startup’s successful Kickstarter campaign shows the app in action - beginning with a surprised mother receiving a call from her deaf daughter for the first time.THE APP: Avaz WHO IT HELPS: Children with autism spectrum disorders, Downs syndrome, Angelman's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other speech disabilities.WHAT IT DOES: This Australian app enables children with autism and other disorders to “speak” using pictures - in a variety of situations.THE APP: Hear You Now WHO IT HELPS: People with hearing difficulties who don’t use a hearing aid.WHAT IT DOES: Intended for use in public settings such as restaurants, meetings and parties as well as watching TV or listening to radio, the Hear You Now app customizes sound performance depending on the user’s specific needs.They enter a request for assistance and the volunteer gets a notification that the blind person could use some help.Arguably the best app for blind people, there are currently over 90,000 sighted volunteers active on Be My Eyes, and some 7,000 blind people using the app.

Love going out and being as social as possible but love taking at home as well watching a good movie or spending time with family.WHAT IT DOES: Designed to improve socialization skills for autistic children, Samsung’s LOOK AT ME app gamifies interactions, helping users learn to read moods, remember faces, and express themselves with facial expressions and poses.A test group found that playing the game for just 15 minutes per day for an eight-week period can bring about a 60% improvement in making eye contact and identifying facial expressions - definitely one of the best apps to use modern technology to change interpersonal communication.Some are bigger, some are smaller, and some need more assistance than others to overcome.These seven apps use modern technology to enrich the lives of people with disabilities - from creative aids for the blind and deaf to new ways to make life more manageable for people with autism spectrum disorders and speech disabilities.

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