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This is not the time to experiment with a different trend; stick with what you know rather than jump on the skinny jean bandwagon only to discover that you can’t sit down for the entire weekend.Seeing as you’ll need to pack as if you were embarking on a trip around the Hindu Kush, travelling by train is an absolute no-no — no matter how many carbon footprints it saves.

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Likewise, if the idea of sleeping in a tent brings back horrific memories of Brownie camp, then you might be happier attending Bestival on the Isle of Wight and booking into a nearby b&b — or opting for one of the boutique yurts at the Big Chill in Herefordshire.

Make sure you take along a ‘plus one’ — a friend/brother/husband/lover whose enthusiasm, reliability and stamina match your own.

It’s important to know that you’ll have someone watching your back and your phone while you go to the loo.

You can encourage each other to try new things, and then happily ditch the music, the comedy tent and the healing field in favour of finding a shady spot to have an impromptu picnic and put the world to rights — an essential festival experience.

Outdoor shindigs can bring out the best and worst in people.

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